Mittwoch, 17. Juni 2009


ELDORADO, Belgium/France 2008
Director/Script: Bouli Lanners
Starring: Bouli Lanners and Fabrice Adde

Sometimes I just have to read strange characters, weird landscape, unusual settings, and a good title and I say to myself: yes, I am going to see that movie! I almost never get disappointed and I sure didn’t get disappointed with ‘Eldorado’.
Main character one: overweight, middle-aged, unsuccessful seller of American vintage cars who barks a lot but won’t bite
Main character two, his antagonist: skinny, young unsuccessful thief and junkie who won’t say much but has a strategy of wait and see
Sounds interesting enough?
How about: skinny, young junkie tries to rob overweight unsuccessful car-seller, fails, but manages to wheedle out a free ride through Belgium to visit his estranged parents?
How about supporting characters?
First, weird, unknown landscape, yes, you can imagine ‘Eldorado’.
Second, old guy, who happens to collect American vintage cars, but cars with an interesting twist: they all have bumps, they all have killed somebody!
Not strange enough?
08/15 guy who jumps out of his car just wearing his sneakers and nothing else but acts like he is fully dressed and pretends he is Alain Delon.
Want more?
Dog who gets dumped and thrown from a highway bridge and falls of the American car of our overweight main character.
Still want more?
Good: go and see the movie!

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